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Jul 29, 2023

This is part 2 of 2 where Bruce continues to break down the overaching categories that you can work on during your journey to total wellness. #health #wellness #christian #body #soul #spirit

Jul 22, 2023

Learn how to align your body, soul, and spirit in your daily walk with God and into total wellness.

Jul 15, 2023

The final segment of Healing Basics with Alison that finishes up on all the practical ways we can focus on God and our walk to help in the healing process.

Jul 8, 2023

The second part of a three part series. We are diving into misunderstandings that can hinder our prayers and healing. Then, we find out about accepting God's will as we read some passages from the book of Job.

Jul 1, 2023

We bring back an awesome guest to give us more tangible ways to receive healing from God through prayer. She has observed approximately 20,000 people receive some type of healing over the 25 years in her prayer/healing ministry. This is part one of three-part series.